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Your Comprehensive Guide to the Dana to Petra Trek

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the ancient rock-hewn city of Petra is undoubtedly one of our planet's most spectacular sights, a complex of dwellings, temples, and tombs carved into rose-coloured, sandstone cliffs in Jordan's eponymous desert.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is believed to date back to the fourth century B.C, when it served as the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom. Later abandoned due to a series of earthquakes, it lay empty for centuries, before it was rediscovered by explorers, whilst today it is considered one of the most impressive archaeological sights in existence, and the destination of one of the world's most iconic treks.

Read on to discover, 'Your Comprehensive Guide to the Dana to Petra Trek'

Dana to Petra Trek
Photo by Zena Al-yousef

What is the Dana to Petra Trek?

One of the most iconic hiking routes on earth, this storied trek follows ancestral Bedouin trails from the beautiful Dana biosphere reserve in west-central Jordan, crossing spectacular desert landscapes, past ancient ruins and through dramatic canyons, to its destination, the awe-inspiring city of Petra!

How long is the Dana to Petra Trek?

The distance from Dana to Petra on foot is roughly 80KM (approx 50 miles). The trek can be done comfortably in five days, but we recommend an additional day for exploring the city.

How difficult is the Dana to Petra Trek?

A five-day trek means you will cover around 16km a day. Although this isn't a great distance, the terrain can be challenging, encompassing rugged, rocky trails with a number of ascents.

However, you don't have to be a professional hiker with years and years of experience to take on the challenge. Thousands of ordinary people do it every year, and It requires no technical skill to complete, simply a good level of fitness. Plus, for our tour, we provide everyone with an 8-week plan to help them achieve the necessary fitness level.

Your Comprehensive Guide to the Dana to Petra Trek
Photo by Sam Power

Is the Dana to Petra Trek safe?

Generally, the Dana to Petra trail is safe, though we don't recommend attempting it by yourself. Although parts of the trail are well maintained and easy to follow, others are not, and there is a good chance of getting lost, plus, due to the nature of the terrain, injuries can also occur.

Do you need a guide for the Dana to Petra Trek?

Yes, as mentioned previously, the trail shouldn't be attempted alone. A guided tour with a reputable company will ensure that all necessary measures are in place to reduce any potential risks, plus they will take care of all details, from accommodation to food. What's more, the wealth of knowledge of the land and local people that expert local guides (like the ones who lead our tour) possess, is irreplaceable and will ensure you get the most out of your experience.

What can you see on the Dana to Petra Trek?

Wadi Feynan

Near the start of the trail, Wadi Feynan is comprised of striking desert landscapes, dotted with fascinating archaeological sites, from ancient mines to Byzantine churches, Nabataean ruins and more.

Wadi Barwas

This rugged desert canyon has views for days, with its black magmatic mountains on one side and desert dunes on the other.

Little Petra

Located just north of its larger sibling, Little Petra offers a small taste of what is to come, with its rock-hewn buildings set within three clearings which are connected by a 450-metre long canyon


A truly stunning sight, this ancient rose-red city with its collection of cliff-hewn dwellings, temples, and tombs is sure to take your breath away!

Your Comprehensive Guide to the Dana to Petra Trek
Photo by Ahmad Qaisieh

What are you waiting for?

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From the food to the accommodation, we'll take care of every detail, so you can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience to its fullest and create some truly incredible memories that you will never, ever forget!

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