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Ultimate Food & Drink Bookitlist for 2024

Whether you're a culinary expert, a self-titled foodie, or simply enjoy trying new things, for many of us, the opportunity to sample different cuisines and experience an unfamiliar food culture is an exciting and important aspect of travelling.

From candlelit meals underwater or dining in the sky, here is our Ultimate Food & Drink Bookitlist for 2024.

Eat in an Underwater Restaurant

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It may not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking of the perfect location for a meal, but there are few more unique and idyllic settings for a candlelit dinner than the depths of the ocean. Across the world, a host of new underwater restaurants are now offering this very opportunity.

From the Maldives to Norway, Bali to Dubai, for a truly once-in-a-lifetime foodie experience, reserve a table at one of these incredible subaquatic eateries to enjoy some delectable food and drink, accompanied by magnificent 360 vistas of azure ocean waters filled with exotic marine life!

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Go on a Beer Tour

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For beer-lovers, there is no better way to discover the delicious local brews of a destination than on a tour of its best pubs, taverns, and breweries.

Sip delicious Pilsner in Prague or craft IPAs in Portland, visit centuries-old Bavarian beer halls and Wirtshaus’ (taverns) in Munich and Nuremberg, cozy pubs in Leuven (Belgium’s beer capital), or canal-side beer cafes in Amsterdam, the possibilities are endless!

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Eat Street Food in South East Asia

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Southeast Asia has long been synonymous with street food. From Bangkok to Hanoi, the maze-like alleyways of its major towns and cities offer a mosaic of delicious and at times, unusual aromas, flavours and textures!

From well-loved classics such as Pad Thai and Pho - in Thailand and Vietnam respectively - to lesser-known but equally delicious dishes like Kwek-Kwek, (deep-fried quails eggs) and Banana Cue (caramelised banana) in the Philippines, and Laphet Thohk (pickled tea-leaf salad) in Myanmar, there are a plethora of delights to choose from, whilst more adventurous foodies can sample some of the more unconventional offerings which include fried insects, worms and the infamous Durian fruit!

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Wine Tasting at a Vineyard

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Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply appreciate the taste, there are few better places to enjoy wine than at its source, surrounded by the beautiful verdant scenery of a vineyard.

From the endless world-famous vineyards of France, Italy, and Spain or those lesser-known regions in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, or even Southern England, there is a multitude of amazing locations in Europe to choose from, where you can discover the history, production, and flavours of this amazing drink!

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Go to Oktoberfest

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The largest beer festival on earth, Munich’s annual Oktoberfest attracts some 6 million visitors, for 16 days of drinking, dancing, food, and fun!

An epic celebration of the world’s most popular alcoholic drink, the festival is held across the German capital’s countless pubs and beer halls, as well as in temporary marquee-venues, and in the city streets and squares, and along with plenty of beer drinking, (close to ten million litres are consumed during the event every year) features live bands, parades, and an array of Bavarian entertainment!

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Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant

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The ultimate foodie experience, eating at one of the exceptional restaurants that have been awarded one or more stars by the esteemed experts of the Michelin Guide is an always amazing experience, and thanks to the increasingly diverse options available, it is one no longer reserved just for the wealthy.

From fine-dining stalwarts in Paris and New York to back-alley Dim Sum cafes in Hong Kong, Tokyo noodle bars, and avant-garde Scandinavian eateries, there are lots of amazing options to choose from, though be sure to book well in advance as tables go quick!

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Have Dinner in the Sky

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For a meal with a view, Dinner in the Sky is a unique dining experience that offers foodies the opportunity to eat in an open-air restaurant suspended high above the city streets by a crane.

From the futuristic skyscraper of Dubai, the iconic London skyline, or the endless maze-like streets of Mexico City, enjoy breathtaking 360° aerial vistas of the world’s most exciting cities as you feast on delectable cuisine prepared by world-class chefs.

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Visit a Coffee Plantation

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For many of us, coffee is a vital part of our morning routine, delicious, warm nectar that provides the all-important boost of energy we need to get through the day!

The coffee-growing process is a fascinating one that takes place in plantations all across the world - from the volcanic plains of Central and South America to the highlands of Eastern Africa, and the Indonesian Islands - and for lovers of this ubiquitous drink, a tour of one of these facilities offers the unique chance to see how the beans are grown and processed, and of course, to try them for yourself!

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Go on a Foreign Cooking Class

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Much more than just a means of sustaining life, food has the power to unite and break down barriers and represents the history, way of life, traditions, and culture of people and places. There is no better way to discover the true essence of a destination (and to learn some delicious recipes that you can take home with you) than through a cooking class!

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Drink Guinness in Dublin

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One of the most iconic alcoholic drinks in existence Guinness, dark, velvety nectar made from roasted malted barley, is known and loved throughout the world, though it is its birthplace of Ireland where it will forever be synonymous.

First made in Dublin’s St James’ Gate brewery by Arthur Guinness some 260 years ago, today it is brewed in around 50 different countries globally and sold in hundreds more, though connoisseurs of the drink will tell you that none tastes as good or flows as smooth as that served in the Irish capital!

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