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Top 10 Christmas Gifts That Make Stories Not More Cluttered Storage

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, or so the saying goes. That is until you open a steady stream of similar size boxes that prepare you with enough deodorant, socks and bath bombs to keep you in bubbles and fresh scents into your 90's. There's nothing wrong with a game of Monopoly, an argument over the best quality street chocolate (we can all agree it's not the orange creme's) and opening a box set of your favourite tv series, but there is another level of Christmas gift for the loved ones in your life.

Whilst a gift lasts a moment, a story lasts a lifetime so check out our Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Awesome Stories Not Cluttered Storage!

1) Murder Mystery Hotel Break

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If you think you're a real life Colombo because you can win a game of Cluedo blindfolded, then put your investigators hat on and see if you can do the real thing. This awesome murder mystery takes place in a rural mansion, with eerily spacious corridors and enough rooms to get lost in a maze of detective work. It's a cool weekend away that'll surely provide an anecdote or two for years to come, especially if you're pointing fingers at the innocent butler!

2) Safari Hotel Stay At Port Lympne Reserve

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Going on a safari is one of the most popular bucket list activities in the world, but one need not fly to Nairobi to see some of the big 5 in action. Here in humble 'Ol Blighty' lies the magnificent family friendly Port Lympne Reserve. A gorgeous sprawling 600 acre refuge for big cats, primates, gorillas and more. Don't sit and wait for to go on Safari, bring the Safari to you with a weekend away in this epic wildlife adventure.

3) Track Day

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We've all seen Ferrari's on Top Gear and dreamt of jumping behind the wheel and screeching around corners like an unmasked 'Stig', but you don't need to be a millionaire to drive a your dream sports car. It's never been so easy to five the petrol head in your life an exhilerating present that they'll never forgot (or shut up about).

4) Tandem Skydiving

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True adrenaline lives at 15,000ft. Skydiving is one of the most heart pumping white knuckle buzzes you will ever experience. Free falling at 200kph and almost 3G's of force as you pierce through the clouds with a panoramic view so wide, you can see the horizons curvature. What's not to love! For the adventurer in your life, give them an experience they'll never forget with this awesome skydiving package.

5) Zipline

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Not everyone can pluck up the courage to fly into the heavens and leap out of a planes side door, but everyone can experience the rush of flying with ziplining! A family friendly form of adrenaline that can be administered in manageable doses, perfect for introducing children to the buzz and benefits of facing your fears. If you've been trying to get a friend or loved one to be a tad more adventurous, then this is the story they've been waiting to co-author.

6) Zombie Infection Horror Survival

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with buying someone you love the collectors edition boxset of 'The Walking Dead' for Christmas. The only issue is it's only 1% as cool as buying someone the experience of living in a Zombie apocalypse for real. Everyone has a story about how they'd survive a zombie outbreak it seems. "I'd first take all the tinned produce from Tesco, then remodel the garden strimmer with barbed wire for a weapon and take siege in the nearest castle with a moat."

It's a cool story, but let's see what you're really made of when the outbreak is in your face and your dreams of a castle are nowhere to be seen. Book this awesome zombie survival experience!

7) Spa Break

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The benefits of a spa retreat cannot be overstated. Various studies have shown it to be much more than just a skin peel treatment and a fresh white robe. Spa's help: De-stress, Aid in Anti-Ageing, Promotes Improved Sleep, Relieves Aches And Pains, Supports Weight Loss, Improves Mood & Assists In Hormone Balance. Sometimes a little self love and care is all we need to go from fatigued and frustrated to glowing and full of gusto. Be kind to yourself with a refreshing and much well deserved spa treatment!

8) Hangloose At The Eden Project

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Nature lovers and botanists rejoice, we've find the perfect day out for you. There are 7 adrenaline filled activities situated right in the heart of Britain's most iconic garden project. With a rainforest biome, outdoor gardens, winter ice rink, rainforest canopy walk and awesome outdoor activities you can fit a weeks worth of discovery and adventure into one unforgettable day out.

9) Paintballing

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There's not a man alive who thinks they'd be terrible with a firearm in hand and a plethora of camoflauge and garrisons at their disposal. Don't be a couch potatoe who pours hours into Call Of Duty and isn't willing to back up all of that digital tactical training in the real world. PAintballing is one of the most immersive group activities that takes you from average Joe citizen to G.I Joe war vet. Feel the rush as you rush from bush cover to high ground vantage point under fire and plant your flag as paintball warfare champion.

If you're lucky enough, even in losing and getting plastered with pellets you could end up with a purple heart.

10) Ride A Hot Air Balloon

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There's an effortless sense of weightlessness that comes with the steady rise of a hot air balloon. As peaceful and therapeutic as a spa, and as exhilarating as a safari, hot air balloon rides often rank 1 in people's personal bucket lists. Tucked into a wicker basket that wouldn't look out of place on the handlebars of a giants bicycle make for a cosey hub to peer out of and breathe in a true 360 panorama like no other. Take to the skies in style and make a memory that will last long after a 'regular' gift would have worn thin and been tucked into a storage cupboard. Book your hot air balloon adventure today.