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The 10 Best Places To Visit in April

April is a great time to travel, spring is in full bloom and destinations across the globe are awash with colourful flora. There are plenty of long haul bargains to be found, but you don't need to head too far afield in search of warmer climes with Europe's southernmost destinations enjoying plenty of sunshine, whilst elsewhere, you'll even find some snow!

Whatever you're preference we've got something for you: read on to discover, The 10 Best Places To Visit in April.

1) Seville

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The capital of the stunning southern Spanish region of Andalusia, Seville is intoxicating and beautiful, home to a unique blend of Baroque, Gothic, Moorish and Mudéjar (Moorish-inspired) architecture, a litany of wonderful eateries, and outstanding nightlife, imbued with the vigorous spirit of Flamenco!

Stiflingly hot in the summer, and wet in the winter, Seville is at its best during springtime, when the weather is warm and dry, perfect for enjoying the full breadth of what the city has to offer. What's more, during April, there are a host of Easter-related events to enjoy, and the famous orange blossom is in full bloom!

2) Seychelles

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A picturesque island paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is truly captivating!

The 100+ islands that comprise the archipelago boast some truly spectacular scenery, from some of the world’s finest beaches (fringed by palm trees and sculpture-like natural rock formations along with the coral-rich azure waters of the Indian Ocean) to hills and mountains carpeted with biodiverse tropical forests and dotted with rivers and spectacular waterfalls!

Though the country enjoys a warm climate year-round, visit during April and you'll avoid the trade winds that buffet the islands during large parts of the year, plus you'll also avoid the crowds and high prices of the peak tourist seasons.

3) California

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California, the name alone evokes captivating scenes: sun-kissed vineyards, picture-perfect coastlines, rugged national parks filled with towering redwoods, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood; the Golden Gate....

It truly is a unique and captivating place, but, predictably, can also be extremely expensive. April, therefore, is a great time to visit to avoid the throngs of tourists and crazy prices of the peak summer months. What's more, the weather is generally warm and dry, equally perfect conditions for forest camping as for exploring the many sights of Los Angeles or San Francisco, plus you'll also enjoy delicious spring produce at the farm-to-table restaurants.

4) Crete

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Thanks to its location some 160km south of the Greek Mainland, the paradisical island of Crete enjoys an excellent climate.

If it's baking heat that you're after, then you'll need to head further afield, but for a sunny springtime break on the continent, you can certainly do worse. In April, temperatures on the island hover around the 20°C mark, and you can expect plenty of sun and little to no rain, great conditions for enjoying the island's many picturesque beaches (like the pink-hued Elafonisi) charming fishing villages, vineyards and secluded mountain trails. Moreover, as long as you the school easter break, you'll avoid the congestion of the summer months, plus there are some great deals to be had!

5) Zermatt

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Whilst much of Europe is hotting up, its most elevated locales are still coated with a thick blanket of snow, and if it's a springtime ski break that you're after, look no further than Zermatt, home to the highest slope in all of Europe!

Thanks to its lofty location in the heart of the Swiss Alps (in the shadow of the stunning Matterhorn) the resort enjoys great conditions in April, with plenty of thick powder. Plus the vibrant après-ski scene (that is one of the best on the continent) and breathtaking vistas at every turn, make it truly difficult to beat!

6) Cuba

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With old-world grandeur, picture-perfect scenery, rich history and culture and an enigmatic spirit, the ‘Pearl of the Antilles’ is a truly tantalising place!

If you're looking for guaranteed sunshine, Cuba is a safe bet. April is perfect, with warm but not sweltering temperatures, long days, and plenty of sun! What's more, you won't have to break the bank as prices are significantly lower than during the peak season, plus you'll be able to enjoy its unique energy without the heavy crowds!

7) Lisbon

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One of Europe's most charming and picturesque capitals, Lisbon is a blend of winding cobbled streets, tiled facades, and baroque churches, built across seven hills that overlook the beautiful Tagus river.

For a springtime city break, Lisbon is hard to beat. In April you can expect warm, pleasant weather, with daily highs of 20°, perfect conditions for exploring the wealth of landmarks and attractions on offer. Enjoy a 'pasteis de nata' outside one of the many great cafes; hunt for bargains at a flea market; explore magnificent baroque churches and palaces, sample delicious local cuisine at the Time Out market, the possibilities are endless!

8) Japan

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There is no bad time to visit Japan. The country has so much to offer, from tropical beaches in the south to snow-covered peaks and hot springs in the north, as well as kaleidoscopic metropolises in between!

However, there is one key reason to visit in April: cherry blossom. The amazing pink flora with which Japan is synonymous blooms between mid-March and early May, and reaches its peak in April when it can be seen all over the country, from city parks to rural mountaintop forests.

This incredible spectacle is certainly no secret, however. It's worth mentioning that tourists flock to Japan during April for this very reason meaning higher prices and crowds. If you're willing to take this on the chin though, you're in for a treat, Japan's cherry blossom is truly magnificent, plus you can expect pleasant conditions in much of the country, with mild temperatures and little rainfall.

9) Belize

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Postcard-perfect beaches, clear turquoise waters, biodiverse jungles, and awe-inspiring Maya ruins, the diminutive Central American nation of Belize punches well above its weight!

Traditionally one of the country's warmest and driest months, April is a great time to visit. Conditions are perfect for diving, sightseeing, exploring the rainforest, or simply relaxing on one of the beaches with an ice-cold drink in hand.

10) Amsterdam

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Holland's vibrant capital is pretty much great any time of year, thanks to its array of museums and attractions, excellent cultural and arts scene, and a seemingly endless supply of bars, coffee shops, and eateries.

Visit during April though and you'll enjoy pleasant temperatures, blooming flowers, both in the city itself, and nearby Keukenhof (one of the largest flower gardens on earth), and a host of events and festivals, including the world-famous King's Day parade!

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