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Brecon - Wales

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Two Night Basic Survival and Bushcraft Course Photos

Have You Got What It Takes?


Have you got what it takes to survive in the wilderness? Find out with this two night basic survival and bushcraft course! From the psychology of survival and protecting yourself against the elements to basic fire lighting and rescue, Chris, our military guide, with expertise and experience will provide you with the tips, techniques and skills needed to endure the great outdoors alone! After this two day masterclass in survival, you’ll be able to give Bear Grylls a run for his money!



Day 1 - Arrive, Brecon- Wales

We all have within ourselves the basic instincts and skills needed to survive. Now is the time to see if you can survive within our natural environment.
In the wild knowing your whereabouts is critical to survival -
To begin our survival course, Chris our experienced guide will teach us how to navigate and tell the time using natural indicators. Once we've learnt how to navigate our way round, we'll begin building shelter in the wild and learn the best ways to make a fire.
Shelter and warmth are both critical to survival in the wild.
Without knowing how to build efficient shelter or able to make fire in tricky weather conditions, you'll be doomed and won't last long in the wild.
After day one you will have gained a better understanding of our amazing and abundant environment.

Pen Y Fan walk

Day 2 - Pen Y Fan walk - Sourcing Food & Water

On our second day, after our first night in the wilderness, we'll collect and purify water, learn how to catch, cook and eat food in the wild.
Pen y Fan, Rising to 886 metres, it's the highest point in southern Britain, offering brilliant views whilst we forage.
It shouldn't be too tricky finding a water source here, but the key is knowing how to make it safe to drink.

You'd be surprised what you can eat out there.
The wilderness is full of edible plants and creatures for the survivalist who knows where to look, and few people know this better than Chris our experienced survival guide who will teach us what is safe to eat and how to cook.
Crickets have a nutty flavor when you roast them
And some ants have a lemony flavor. It's not all bad!

Day 3 - Camp Routines & Rescue Drills

Today we'll learn camp routines and critical rescue drills, i.e

Camping in an appropriate spot is equally as important for you as it is for the wildlife surrounding you.
Having an incline if it will rain or not isn't enough for safe survival. Considering ground surface, wind conditions and sun exposure are all critical aspects of survival in the wild.

Fire is the king of survival techniques, but
most importantly - Attitude. More than any other skill, your attitude determines how successful you are in a survival situation.
Chris will teach us how to make weapons to ward off predators,
how to tie knots that will become valuable to us and also basic first aid skills to help you and others in need of medical assitance.

Our time is up!

Now you can leave this survival course, confident that you can tackle any terrian and most importantly have the skills and knowledge that others don't when in desperate need of assistance.

We look forward to meeting you!

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We can assure you will be safe with Chris as your guide and teacher throughout the course.

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