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UK Food and Drink Quizzes

So which do you know more about the UK, the food or the drink? Do you prefer a bite of Homemade Pork Pie, or do you skip the snacks and go straight for the Cider?

UK Drink Quiz

British people love a tipple. How well do you know Britains favourite tipples as well as those that are produced on these shores? Take this test to find out

UK Food Quiz

From Black Pudding to Yorkshire Pudding Britain has a large variety of local delicacies. How well do you know them? Take this quiz to find out.

Are you Feeling Inspired?

Did you know UK Vineyards are producing some of their best yields ever? Due to this they are also opening their vineyards for great days out, wine tasting and offering great onsite restaurants to give people a real feel for the booming wine industry.

Take a look at these vineyard tours, and book yourself on to learn more about UK wine, one of the tours even includes a stay in a Medieval Castle.

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