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World's First Dark Sky Island Is A Car-Less Paradise

Given the global pandemic, social distancing and the lack of outside leisure time we've all suffered, I'm sure we're not the only ones in need in vast open spaces and an idyllic slice of nature.

If you even remotely like isolation in nature (pun intended), then Sark Island is heaven on Earth for you. What's more it's much closer than you might think. Situated in Guernsey between France and England, Sark has an island of just 500 inhabitants, all of whom traverse the rolling hills via foot, bike or horse.

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The obvious benefits of no cars is there is next to no pollution. The air is forever crisp, like you've just chewed a Fisherman's Friend mint. But as wonderful as it is to have no air pollution, more spectacularly is the island's attitude to light pollution.

There are no street lights which make Sark the world's first Dark Island in 2011. It's an incredible place to go stargazing, and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your cottages garden!

  • No traffic
  • Epic stargazing
  • No noise disturbances
  • Quaint village roads fit for hiking
  • Clean, crisp air
  • Horses to ride through the rolling hills
  • Gorgeous Beaches
  • Go Dolphin watching around the island

Who'd have thought such a refreshing, and de-stressing island existed just a few miles off the South coast of England! If any island could claim to take you back in time, this gentle paced gem would be it.

The island is now encouraging newcomers thanks to a German entrepreneur Swen Lorenz, who's group the Sark Society is offering a unique opportunity for digital nomads and those who wish for a slower pace of life.

The island has seen a slow decline in population leaving some empty properties and now the Sark Society is calling those who work remotely to repopulate this lesser known European microstate.

What are the benefits of moving to Sark?

We'll for peace and quiet it's an obvious choice, with no to no noise-air-light pollution.

Perhaps more interesting for the digital nomads among you, is the fast internet and lack of taxes! That's right there is no formal taxation system in Sark as there is with the rest of Britain. Add to that the communal spirit and slower pace of life and you're on to a winner.

Would you visit Sark for some rest and relaxation?

Or better yet up sticks and settle down in this quaint island?

Sark has plenty of hotels available, to call home during your stay.