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Whale Watching On Your Bookitlist? Just Go To YORKSHIRE?!

For Whale watching and Dolphin spotting, people often think we have to jump on a frosty boat in somewhere like Nova Scotia to be in with a chance for a decent sighting, but sometimes a look a little closer to home can bare a pleasant surprise.

Along the coastline in humble little Yorkshire you can find entire pods of Whales coasting by along Flamborough Front. The cold and warm waters from North and South meat, which attracts plankton, and subsequently it's predators.

That means there's ample dining for wonderful creatures such as minke whales!

Tick Off 2 Bookitlist Items By Spotting Whales & Dolphins In Yorkshire

There have been boats running whale watching trips as far back as 2006 but an upsurge in the whale activity has begun to boom the whale watching sector since then. There are now a handful of operators offering private charters for whale-watching and various other marine wildlife trips. Whitby and Staithes are both great destinations if you're planning on doing some of your own whale-watching.

North York Moors national park reported that wildlife watching was one of their most impactful areas for growth in the last few years.

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Whales Are Not The Only Mammals Swimming Our Shores

According to one of the tours, September saw pods of up to 50 bottlenose dolphins that chartered them across the coast like an aquatic tour guide! Anecdote says that this was not happening 5 years ago and either we're having an upswing in marine wildlife fortunes, or the old adage "those who seek shall find" is true.

Has Whale-Watching or Dolphin-Spotting ever been on your bookitlist?

If So Take A Trip To Yorkshire And Tick It Off... It Might Help Deal With The Lack Of Summer Holidays!

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