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Tory MP Asks Brits To Enjoy Britain This Year

Through no choice of our own, a huge number of Brits are planning trips domestically instead of internationally. Now Tory MPs are backing that decision and urging more Brits to look closer to home and enjoy trips to UK hotspots instead of Spanish and Greek ones.

Cornwell, Newquay, The Lake District and The Peak District could see a surge of tourists. Campsites and caravan parks have already been packed to the brim with bookings flying in as the government eased lockdown measures.

Brandon Lewis (Tory MP), is pushing the rhetoric that Brits should be proud of our own holiday destinations and look to enjoy some time on our own islands for a change. The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland recently conducted an interview with Sky News.

The Sky News Presenter Asked:

The Times is saying we have an air bridge deal with as many as ten countries at the moment.

Visit cornwall penzance

Penzance, Cornwall is one of Britains most glorious locations

“Can you give us any kind of update on where I might be able to get a bit of a tan this summer?”

Mr Lewis replied:

“I would encourage people to look around the fantastic resorts and sites we’ve got in the United Kingdom.”

“This summer, I personally will be looking forward to enjoying those.”

In response to asking about the reopening of hotels Mr Lewis added:

“We’ll be making some announcements. The Prime Minister will be making some announcements about leisure, hospitality and tourism in due course.”

“... if you’re looking at travel the advice at the moment is only essential travel.”

“But as I say, I encourage people to look around the United Kingdom.

“We’ve got some amazing sites and places to visit.

“And we should take a chance to enjoy all of those this year.”

Are you feeling like getting a UK holiday?

If you want to get away, and will take the advice of Mr Lewis and others, then we have 7 places in the UK that we love for you to check out. View them by clicking below.