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The Stunning Proven Benefits Of Camping And Nature Therapy

If we break down the % of time humans have spent in the modern urban evironments we're looking at 0.01% figure. We haven't even spent close to 1% of our time on Earth in these sprawling city streets.

But what does that mean for our wellbeing and how well adapted are we to modern life?

Research is ongoing and more facts and figures are revealed every year but one thing is for sure, we're missing out on some incredible benefits of time in nature.

Walking In Nature Crushes Stress More Than A City Walk

In a split test, 2 control groups were made to walk for 40 minutes a day. The control group that did so in a forest showed significantly reduced levels of cortisol (a stress hormone). That's not based on someone's "feelings" as such, but a genuine measurement of the hormones that cause stress and anxiety.

Boost Immune Functioning

The reduction in stress hormones boosted immune function. Anti-viral cells are often suppressed by stress hormones and an activity known as "forest bathing" can boost immunity by flat-lining the stress hormones that reduce immunity.

Helps Ignite Your Creativity

David Strayer was part of a study that looked at the creativity enhancement from time in nature. After a 3 day stint of backpacking in nature a control group performed 50% better on creative problem solving. If you've got a problem you're ruminating on, maybe it's time to go to nature.

How Can I Make The Most Of This Insight?

In short, to get out there into nature as soon as possible! Camping is a perfect way to submerge yourself in nature and reap the proven benefits of time outside of the big city. We've got tons of camping suggestions in our entries for people of all budgets and dispositions. If you need comfort you can always go Glamping, the same nature bathing benefits with double the luxury!

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