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The Premier League Is Upon Us... But Will There Be Fans In The Stadium?

If there's one thing Brits love more than queuing, it's football. The Premier League returns this weekend with a later than usual start thanks to the delay at the end of last season due to covid19. It's part of thousands of people's bookitlists to watch their favourite team live, or better yet lift a trophy, but will fans have the opportunity to do so anytime soon?

Currently fan numbers in Stadiums will be restricted to just 1,000 per game, so anyone lucky enough to get inside the stadium will have empty seats for company either side of them. The PM, Boris Johnson, recently stated that they'll review intentions to get fans inside the stadium by October 1st. A date that now looks a little too ambitious to come to fruition.

Technology could help as new software's are being implemented to study foot traffic in and around stadiums to reduce que times and unnecessary contact, the difficulty lies in each stadium being unique in it's design and needing too collect data first.

One use of the software could be to calculate risks of using the bottleneck gate entrances, and a staggered entrance and exit plan could help more fans fit in the stadium!

One things for sure, we'll all be tuned into the games regardless, but thanks to innovations in technology, we could be pint and pukka pie in hand pitch-side sooner than anticipated.

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