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A few Caribbean countries are now following Europe's leads as they prepare to reopen to tourists on various dates. Each country has come to their own conclusion about the optimal time to reopen and no formal agreement between the countries has been made about the ideal time for them to open. There will also be strict guidelines on the rules of entering and staying in each country so bare that in mind if you're planning on visiting anytime soon.


Aruba is often considered one of the best Islands to visit in the Caribbean


Barbados officially reopened on July 12.


Implemented a staggered approach to reopening with European and Canadian tourists allowed to enter from July 1 and the USA was permitted to come frpm July 10.

The Bahamas:

Opened on July 1 to countries but remains to have additional safety guidelines and protocols.

Puerto Rico:

Opened July 15 as part of a four-stage reopening plan. Further restrictions to be lifted.

Turks and Caicos:

Reopens on July 22. Flights will resume from Europe, the US and Canada as soon as the destination is ready.

Dominican Republic:

Reopened as of July 1.


Jamaica has been one of the most lenient countries in the region with it being open since June 15th.

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