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Safest Travel Choices In 2020

There are some key points you should consider when travelling this summer.

Some are obvious such as, avoiding cruises, large hotel complexes and booking only with 100% refundable hotels or Airbnb.

Here are a pick of some of the safest places to travel to this Summer. Of course we must adhere to government guidelines and it’s impossible at this point to plan everything in detail given how much things seem to change week to week, but this is a good starting point for your next holiday shortlist.

Corfu - Greece

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Photo by terrapax

Corfu, Greece

Greece has already shown aggressive measures to return to the thriving tourist hub it has traditionally been. Corfu is great for relaxation and nature and the population density is over 20x lower than that of London.

The Algarve - Portugal

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The Algarve, Portugal

Another sparsely populated region of Europe, the eucalyptus trees help bring a literal breath of fresh air to visitors. It’s also a fantastic place to get active and get stuck into some surfing, trekking, golfing and even some relaxing yoga.

Antalya - Turkey

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Somewhat of a hybrid between city and beach break. Turquoise waters are complimented with ancient ruins from the Greeks and Romans add some depth for history buffs.

Parga - Greece

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Photo by @alexb

Parga, Greece

Often overlooked thanks to it’s Greek island counterparts, Praga is a lovely quaint fishing village that is more about unwinding than it is about partying.

Budapest - Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

A photogenic capital that is slowly becoming a MUST visit city-break for all who love European architecture and culture. The city's name comes from the 2 districts; Buda & Pest that lay on opposite sides of the Danube river. The largest mineral bath in Europe is sure to help you let go of any underlying tension and the bar hopping in the old Jewish quarter is one of the best places to do so in the world!