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Rome Reopens Tomb Of It's First Emperor For The First Time Since 1941

Rome is littered with ancient ruins and it subsequently at the forefront of tourism for history buffs, culture vultures and city break enthusiasts alike. As if Italy's capital wasn't already packed with must-see monuments and attractions, one more is being re-added to its impressive resume.

CNN recently reported that the tomb of Rome's first emperor, Augustus, will reopen to the public after more than a dozen years of restoration. The tomb last saw an open door policy all the way back in 1941, and it's returning to the list of ancient Roman artefacts is a welcome one for not only the Roman faithful but for tourists who ranks Rome highly on their Bookitlist.

It's taken a $19.3M dollar effort to restore the tomb to its former glory. For history buffs, Augustus was the nephew of Julius Caesar, and was never technically titled Emporer, but was given the monicker "dictator for life" before his untimely demise at the hands of an assassin.

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The mausoleum clocks in at a whopping 90 meters in diameter and 45 metres in height. The tomb was once coated in marble but is now mostly made of brick. Throughout the centuries it has also been used for various means including a concert hall (a little eerie don't you think) and a medieval fortress.

Due to safety protocols with the current pandemic tickets will be allotted in 50-minute timeslots to avoid crowding. The Mausoleo di Augusto is one more staggering ode to the past in Rome and one more reason to add it to your Bookitlist.

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