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Music Lovers Rejoice As Glastonbury Aims For 2021 Comeback!

According to organisers and Emily Eavis, Glstonbury is aiming to return by June 2021. The event is usually held in June, but suspicions were that it would be forced to be moved back to September for safety reasons. Organisers have confirmed that is not going to be the case and it's still set for it's usual midyear slot.

Founder Michael Eavis then poured a little rain on the parade by saying the festivals fate in 2021 was not certain and could still be cancelled if safety measures can't be met due to covid.

The 2020 festival would've been the 50th anniversary of the festival, and the 135,000 ticket buyers can roll those on to next years event and use them for the 2021 festival.

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Emily Eavis took to twitter to say: "For those who have been asking, we have no plans to move next year's Glastonbury to September 2021 - we're still very much aiming for June,"

There won't be a ticket sale in October like usual, since so few people have requested a refund, most of the tickets are gone from the previous years sale as a rollover.

A resale of a few tickets will be pushed back to April 2021.

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