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Ministers Search For Means Of Relaxing Quarantine Rules

The government is now looking internally on means of reducing the 14-day quarantine that’s been put in place for those entering the UK (as reported by BBC Newsnight).

From June 8th all those arriving in the UK from abroad including UK nationals must self isolate and remain in one location during the first 2 weeks of their arrival.

Some MPs are rightfully concerned it will damage tourism, however they also acknowledge that a balance must be struck between helping boost the travel sector and keeping citizens safe from the pandemic.

Quarantine measures will be enforced from 8th June. Travellers entering the UK will have to inform the government where they are staying and provide an address.

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Absence Of Tourists In Yorkshire Dales

There will be random stop checks implemented to ensure people stick to their isolation and a fine of up to £1,000 can be given to any who do not adhere to the quarantine rules.

These quarantine measures are set to go under review every few weeks as more data is collected as to the efficiency of the program.

BBC Newsnight reported that one former cabinet minister labelled the idea as “daft”.

It comes as no surprise hundreds of businesses have requested that the quarantine be lifted to help save their business. Some of these companies are huge, well established companies such as The Ritz hotel and Kuoni the luxury travel agent that recently opened up to domestic retreats in England.

We will keep you up to date on the developments but as it stands, England will enforce a 14-day quarantine to those entering the country as of June 8.