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Italy Report Travel Restrictions To End After Long Battle With Covid-19

A powerful message was issued by Giuseppe Conte (Italian PM) as Italy reached its final stage in easing lockdown measures.

"We deserve to smile, to be cheerful, after weeks of great sacrifice," he said.

There is some serious work to be done in the form of economic rebuilding, after the coronavirus pandemic crippled the country killing more than 33,000 people.

Only the UK and the USA have higher fatality rates.

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Photo by Markus Spiske

Deserted Airport

Domestic travel has been restored and opening of international airports is now in place as Italy looks to regain some footing in the tourism sector.

"This crisis must be an opportunity to overcome structural problems and redesign the country," the prime minister said. "We have to deal with the economic and social emergency."

Of course no country is truly out of the woods yet and Mr Conte warned that "the only effective measures [against the virus] are physical distancing and the use, if necessary, of masks. Abandoning these precautions is seriously thoughtless."

Sergio Mattarella also issues words of warning to the Italian public by stating: "The crisis is not over and institutions and citizens alike will still have to face its consequences and trauma," he said.

Europe is currently experiencing a staggered lifting of restrictions. Neighbouring countries such as Austria will reopen its borders on Thursday but will not allow entry to and from Italy. It appears that permission to come and go across certain borders hinges on a personal agreement between the 2 countries as opposed to a uniform lifting of travel restrictions across Europe.

Norway and Denmark will allow travel between the 2 countries but will not include Sweden in such a deal at this time. Sweden did not impose a strict lockdown and the man behind that decision has since pledged his feelings of regret as he said that decision led to many unnecessary deaths.

In the U.K of course travel ban have been lifted but with the caveat of a 14 day quarantine.

Hopefully in the coming weeks and months these restrictions will not lead to a surge in cases and the travel and adventure community can get back to planning their next expedition without hindrance.