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Italy Gives Hikers Everywhere Reason To Rejoice!

A new route will now connect all of Italy’s national parks, which makes it a must do bookitlist item for anyone who loves hiking, European exploration or both.

The new trial across Italy’s parks will be named “Sentiero dei Parchi”. Inspired in part by the Way of St. James (in Northern Spain)... this will be a trail that connects 25 national parks in total. You can see the Alps, Sicily and Sardinia in one expedition by following the trial (3 potential bookitlist items in 1 trip).

Sergio Costa the Italian Minister for the environment said “[Our] national parks are a treasure chest of nature,” “We have to guarantee their conservation, but also their availability”.

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Photo by milito10

Sicily Shoreline In Close Proximity To Trail

The is already a trail route that stretches for thousands of miles and coils it’s way around 18 out of the 25 national parks already. This will be an extension of sorts to that pre-existing trail and connect ALL of the country's national parks.

If you’re the kind of person who loves sentimental souvenir ideas, those who hike along the trail will be able to have a trail passport that can be stamped off along the way. If you complete all 25, imagine how cool it would be to flick through the stamps and harp back on your journey. Been there, done that, got the passport!