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Italy Are Preparing To Open Its Borders For The Summer Tourist Season

Italy was one of the hardest hit countries in the world and has had strict lockdown measures in place since the beginning of March.

Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte signed a decree to lift the travel ban on 3rd of June.

Anybody entering Italy from an EU country would no longer have to be under quarantine according to Mr Conte.

He did warn the Lombardy region could assess whether it’s safe to reopen on it’s own merit and not follow suit with the rest of the country.

The summer tourist season is set to resume and Italy hope it can boost their suffering economy. More than 31,000 fatalities have forced Italy’s hand in starting a strict lockdown.

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Photo by @marco4no

Dervio, Como lake

Restrictions began being lifted on 4th May. Now it seems a broader lifting of lockdown measures could welcome holiday makers back.

Hairdressers, coffee shops and restaurants are allowed to resume business under the caveat they maintain social distancing protocol.

Italian restaurants will also be required to keep records of customers for at least 2 weeks. Citizens will also be able to move freely around the region where they live.

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Florence, Italy

On June 3rd the foreign travel reopening is a massive moment for the country and for Europe as a whole in reigniting the travel industry. Safety measures and statistical monitoring will be in place to ensure that the lifting of restrictions doesn’t hurt the country and create a second spike in the virus.

We’re glad to see some positive signs in regards to the lifting of travel bans and hopefully more countries will follow suit (in a safe fashion) and we can begin enjoying our holidays again.