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How To Holiday Whilst Social Distancing

Most of us are itching to get away, but doing so without caution is ill advised in times like these. We're glad to see more and more hotels, retreats, national parks, historical attractions and everyday businesses open.

Now is a reasonable time to start planning some time away from it all, but with a pinch of precaution to ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. Here's a few ideas for you to get you started planning your next trip...

Luxury Staycations

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Luxury Retreat

Sometimes the odds are stacked against us. Money constraints. Time constraints. Work obligations!

However you don't need to go far from home to create a zenith of rest and relaxation. Book a weekend stay in a swanky hotel in your city and indulge in the amenities. Get a spa treatment, champagne and chocolates bought to the room, bubble baths and balcony toasts! There are also a lot of discounts on at the moment to encourage visitors so shop around.

Golf Retreats

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Solo Golfing

One of the rare sports that leaves you with enough room to swing a cat (or a golf club), without coming close to touching someone. You can do it alone and have just as good a time. It's also great exercise to be on your feet and soaking up that Vitamin D from the sun. The seclusion from the clutter and noise of the city can truly feel like a holiday even if you're down the road from your home.

Glamping Getaways

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Glamping Under The Stars

Glamping is a trend that's set to keep growing for years to come. Blending the intimacy of being nestled within nature, and the comfort of an upmarket hotel is quite the combination. We've shared potential tips to treehouses, yurts and safari tents in our content already! Plus England is one of the best countries to glamp, with tons of options up and down the country.