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Heathrow Look To Have Passenger Testing In The Next Two Weeks To Save Summer Holidays

Heathrow Airport''s boss has urged for all passengers in transit to be tested for the coronavirus upon arrival in the UK. It's a bold wish but one that could be seen to as the country continues to wrestle with how to safely but swiftly return to normal.

John Holland-Kaye went on record to say that testing could be in full swing in the next fortnight which would cut down the need for quarantine for Brits returning from abroad.

English P.M Boris Johnson, has already been cautious and warned the nation of a second wave of Covid-19 that could soon spike in the UK.
There's already been a 28% increase in cases during July and Brits have been told to "use common sense" but the lack of an actual rule set that prevents such an increase in cases makes it unlikely that society as a whole will take all of the necessary precautions to avoid contracting and spreading the virus.

Spain has already been put back into a state of alarm with rising cases, and Brits returning from Spain will now have to quarantine for 2 weeks. France and Germany could soon follow with similar increases in cases.

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On a global scale flight passenger numbers are expected to decline by more than half compared to 2019. Road traffic has also seen a sharp decline with much more than half of the usual number of vehicles on the road as compared to last year.

The good news is flights are steadily filling with more passengers and more countries by the day are allowing restaurants, bars and beauty salons to return to their former glory. If you're not ready to book abroad quite just yet check out the best places to visit in the U.K!