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Generous Travel brand is donating luxury prizes to NHS workers

With the current quarantine situation and complete lack of flights available it’s become somewhat of a frustration for all of us wanting to go on holiday.

However one travel brand generously offers luxury prize draws to NHS workers.

The brand in question is Cult Travel. They offer luxury holidays in a prize draw format. The monthly prize draw gives travelers the chance to win some incredible adventures in bucket list locations. You simply purchase a ticket and choose a travel companion.

Winners are announced on Cult Travels instagram page.

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Photo by Ambreen Hasan

Money pile

Jessica Court the CEO of Cult Travel spoke to about her travel brand and explained how they’re hoping to help NHS workers and give them a chance to win some amazing prizes.

Not only are they offering holiday package prizes, but they also have some alternatives for those who are under lockdown.

“All the money from the stay-at-home bundle is going towards helping NHS charities and helping them get the PPE they need to help fight this.

“This is our way of giving back and helping to contribute towards beating this.”

“We’ve got a lovely influencer on our campaign who has been absolutely fantastic in spreading the word for this.

“We’ve had loads of people sign-up and purchase that bundle with 100 percent of the money from the lockdown bundle going towards the NHS.

“The one that we’re giving to is the NHS COVID-19 appeal which is on the Virgin money page.

“That’s already raised a lot of money.

“We just think that this is such a crucial time for the NHS.

“They’re not necessarily getting the PPE that they need.

“Obviously it’s quite under-funded as it is and this is our way of giving back and showing our support.”

We hope to see more gestures like this from companies, as these gestures go not just a long way to the individuals who win prizes, but in restoring a sense of community and good faith in the general public.