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Europe’s Varied Approach To Lifting Lockdown Is Starting To Come To Light

It’s been almost 7 weeks since the UK went into lockdown nd the Prime Minister is set to announce the country’s new protocols in response to the covid-19 pandemic.

Whilst the government has repeatedly showed caution and insisted the UK must not expose themselves to a second spike in the spread of the virus, it now aims to lift lockdown with extreme caution.

Not all countries are singing off of the same hymn sheet, with some easing lockdown measures weeks ago and others looking set to continue full blown lockdown for weeks to come.

Here’s a look at how some countries have decided to deal with the lockdown measures.


Ac almelor 9 Hi CRY11 CI unsplash
Photo by AC Almelor

Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany

  • All shops permitted to reopen providing additional hygiene and social distancing rules are implemented.
  • Smaller shops (those under 800 m2) have been permitted to be open since late April.
  • Schools have allowed some students to return in order to complete exams.
  • The Bundesliga will return Saturday 16 May - the first of the big 5 leagues across Europe to begin competition again.
  • Two different households are now allowed to meet up with each other
  • Public gatherings such as festivals are banned until at least march.
  • Oktoberfest is still officially cancelled.


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Photo by Ilnur Kalimullin

Distant photo of Eiffel Tower


  • Citizens no longer required to carry travel certificates and car journeys up to 100km will be permitted.
  • Parks, gardens and schools for children aged 11-18 will remain shut in red zones.
  • SHops of all sizes can reopen (not including shopping centres in Paris). Bars and restaurants will not be allowed to open but leisure centres and cemeteries can reopen.
  • Small gatherings of under 10 people will be permitted.


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Photo by @adrienolichon

Canals of Amsterdam

A five point plan was revealed by PM Mark Rutte that will ease restrictions as of 11th of May.

  • Non essential work such as barbers and nail salons will be good to go as of May 11th. 1st of June will see secondary schools reopen.
  • Public transport is soon to be back to normal with the addition of face masks for staff.
  • Contact sports and larger gatherings will resume in September including sex clubs Larger events and contact sports may resume in September, along with sex clubs.


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Photo by @rrebba

The Spanish capital is still very quiet.

As of May 4th Spain’s four part plan will be put into action.

  • Full reopening of schools not expected until September.
  • Bars not to fully reopen until June 10th and social distancing measures will limit capacity.
  • 26th May will see exhibitions and cinemas reopen but only to 30% capacity.
  • Religious buildings such as mosques and Churches will be allowed to reopen o May 11th.


Damiano baschiera h FXZ5c Nfk Ok unsplash
Photo by Dario Veronesi

Italy's Damiano Baschiera

  • Dine-in-service will resume at restaurants by June 1st
  • June 1st will also see the reopening of hairdressers.
  • Group training will resume for sports teams by 18 May
  • Schools will be allowed to reopen by September

It’s yet to be seen EXACTLY how the U.K will proceed with the lifting of the lockdown measures.

Boris recently called for a united front and for countries in the U.K to be on the same page, but given the criticism lobbied at him by the Welsh and Scottish authorities it’s unlikely to be the case.