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England’s 3 Least Crowded County’s For Serene & Safe Isolation

Did you know that greater London is home to over 8,500,000 people!

Per square kilometre that’s a staggering 5,618 people. We don’t need to inform you that this isn’t the ideal place for isolation. So where can we go to find isolation and enjoy the great outdoors without increasing risks to your safety.

3. Hertfordshire

Visit Hertfordshire

The Chiltern Hills

Population: 191,000

Hertfordshire is an incredibly peaceful place, not only for the lack of congestion but for the natural serenity laced across it’s fields and hills.

The stillness of the evening feels invigorating for those who are accustomed to a frenetic buzz of human activity at the end of every work day. Stone cottages and thatched roofing is a callback to times gone by and it is an ideal place for returning to a peaceful mindset. It's got to be better than being swept up in the hurricane of tight margin tube transits and social media notifications.

Croft Castle is a great day out if you do visit the area.

2. Cumbria

Visit The Lake District

The Home of the Lake District

Population: 498,400

Home of the Lake District, Cumbria isn’t always so tranquil in regards to the human traffic milling through it.

However if you know where to look, there can be peaceful walks in almost every corner of the national park. Eskdale is usually quieter than it’s beauty merits and is a good place to start. The telegraph.co.uk also had a great suggestion in Ennerdale Water, which gives a lake-view without a torrent of smiling selfie takers, inhibiting the view.

1. Northumberland

Walks in Norhumberland
Photo by Andrew Ridley

Walks in Northumberland

Population: 319,000

For population density, Northumberland takes the hushed crown with just 63 people per square kilometre. Switchback hills carve their way through the region and it makes it a well worth journey for those down South who have to endure a “packed in like sardines,” commute every morning to get to work.

The bent grass moors and boggy turf wouldn’t look out of place in a Robin Hood movie and it’s a no-brainer for those who truly wish to “get away from it all”.