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Creative Home Decor For Explorers Who Are Missing Travel

The same four walls. The days becoming oddly alike with the weekends only noteworthy difference being the tv schedule past 5pm. It can be monotonous during times like these, and the travellers and explorers among us could always do with a bright reminder of our globe trotting exploits.

Not to worry, these decor ideas have got you covered. It’ll give you something to do for an afternoon and it’ll also brighten the place up!

1) Polaroid Travel Wall

Photo by Li Li

Room Decore

It’s very trendy to take Polaroid pictures, bohemian, chic, pretentious perhaps! But you can’t argue with the aesthetic when stitching together your favourite holiday snaps into a collage of travel and culture.

And you don’t have to own a Polaroid, you can get digital pics from your phone made into Polaroids for cheap with this awesome company.

2) Framed Heart Maps

Global Frame

How nifty are you with a pair of scissors?

This is such a simple yet elegant design that sums up your love for travel, and even the story of where you’ve travelled in one cute, fell swoop. You can even string them together in chronological order to create a whole gallery!

3) Map and Scrabble Message

Photo by Fabble

Scrabble Frame

Are you a logophile? That is just a fancy word for a lover of words. Then why not customise your art with a message of your very own. You can quote some of the classics: “Not all who wander are lost”...

Or make up your very own: “Travel broadens the mind, that’s why I’m so big headed”.

4) Magentic Strip For Magnet Collection

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Light Up Travel Destinations Map

Looking at a traveler's fridge is often more appetising than looking in it. I personally love collecting travel magnets to be reminded of where I’ve been every time I don’t need a snack. But this is an awesome way to take it from cliche to niche.

Now you can justify buying 2 magnets for each travel given the ample space!