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Another Epic Online Adventure With A Trip To Disneyland For The Kids

We’ve seen a lot of cool virtual experiences as of late. We’ve shared train journeys and panoramic tours of world wonders like Petra. But if you’ve got kids getting a 5 year old interested in ancient ruins isn’t quite as easy as pointing to them and saying “wow” with enthusiasm.

If the kids are in need of something to stem their incessant cries of “I’m bored”, then this is just the ticket.

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If you’ve already been then this should provide a nice dose of nostalgia, if you’ve never been perhaps this will inspire you to take the leap and go and see it in the flesh.

The fireworks display can light up your living room and there’s cameos from all of your favourite Disney characters.

Of course there is one thing that you’ll miss, by not being there in person. The queues. Kidding!

You can find the tours through these YouTube vids.

Visit Elsa's Frozen Palace

When the kids keep asking you to replay the virtual tour you’ll end up singing “let it go” unironically, only to realise you’re accidentally egging them on. Frozen was an instant classic and any child who fell in love with the movie will be stoked to see it (even if it is through someone else's eyes).

Other notable inclusions include:

‘It’s A Small World’ Ride Sing-Along

Waltz ThroughCinderella’s Castle

Minnie and Mickey’s Dream Along Show

Travel To Infinity And Beyond With Buzz Lightyear

World-Famous Light Switch on and Fireworks!

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Galaxy's Edge: Disneyland California

Holidays are not just healthy for us by getting us away from the routine of everyday life,
but they also help entertain the kids and lift the mood of the whole family. That can really help take the pressure off parents, who’s primary concern is usually the well being and happiness of their kids.

Why not make an evening of it?

Go on the tours with your family, and then at the end of the tour after you’ve watched the firework display, take a vote on what Disney movie to watch?!

Our recommendation is to revisit Toy Story. Can you believe it’s been over 20 years since it came out!