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Amid Pleas To Axe Pending 14-Day Quarantine - Ryanair boss Is Certain The UK Will Revoke The Restrictions Very Soon

The 14-day quarantine for all entering the UK could soon be dropped according to Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary.

There has been a large upswing in bookings across Europe with many countries planning to lift both border restrictions and hospitality restrictions by mid-June.

O’Leary was quoted in saying: “The UK and Ireland will either quietly drop them or drop them as another easing measure in the next week or two. I am confident of that,”

“There will be movement, because people are just going to ignore it. We have seen a big surge in bookings on our flights out of Ireland and the UK to Spain, Portugal and Italy over the weekend, and that seems to be continuing this week.”

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These booking trends are likely to persuade many that the quarantine will be soon lifted to help encourage and accommodate incoming guests. Ryanair is planning on running at a 50-60% capacity by July which is rather ambitious given some companies are not even confirmed to be back running at all by then.

Iceland and Germany have both opted to lift travel restrictions by June 15th and Portugese islands of Madeira and Porto Santo will lift travel restrictions by July 1st.

Arrivals will have to be tested on arrival, unless they can prove they are virus free with a recently confirmed negative test.

Some countries will likely be more aggressive in reopening just due to the economic imperative. Countries such as Greece and Spain rely heavily on the travel sector, therefore the UK may not be quite as eager to lift restrictions given their economy doesn’t rely on it quite as heavily.