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7 Boredom Killers That Will Brighten Your Day During Lockdown

We’re used to giving advice and news on the exciting world of travel but now we’re given a new set of circumstances, so we’re giving you news on how you can make the most of your time in quarantine.

We’ve also got a lot of cool, bargain destinations you can go to once lockdown is over so keep your ears peeled for that! Without any further ado, here’s 7 ways to kill your boredom in lockdown today.

Get Your Bake On Through Insta Classes


Not all of us are going to cut it if we were given a spot in the great british bake off. But if we’re at home with lockdown preventing anyone coming around to nosey, we can scorch as many trays and burn as many pastries as we want without judgement.

The London bakery Bread Ahead are providing baking classes on Instagram and you can go from a beans on toast specialist, to an egg custard savant.

See The Northern Lights From Your Sofa

Bil Iceland Northern Lights

Live streams are becoming much more popular for obvious reasons. Explore.com aare allowing you to bring Earth's most spectacular luminations to your living room via live cam in Canada. Wait for the sun to go down and bring the dancing teal lights out to play.

Re-Create Cluedo In A Murder Mystery

Cluedo is a fun if not a tad outdated board game. But you can now bring the classic murrder mystery format to the 21st century. Red Herring Games are a UK company and have created virtual groups via zoom to let people deep dive into solving murders.

Clean Out Your Closest And Give To Those In Need

Almost all of us are guilty of being a hoarder in some form. Do you really wear ALL of your clothes? I didn’t think so.

Why not declutter your wardrobes and give what you don’t need to those who could really benefit from them? There are thrift shops in every city and town in the country and it feels good to give back.

See The World's Most Popular Tourist Traps Completely Baron!

Bil Trevi Fountain

Most of us can relate to dreaming of seeing a particular landmark or skyline, only to find hundreds of like minded tourists having their best attempt to squander the views for you by standing in the way.

No more I say! You can visit Prague’s Old Town Square, or the canals of Venice with little to no human interference. It’s slightly eerie to see but also very serene and relaxing. A must look for all avid travellers.

Become A Genius With FREE Online Ivy League Courses

We sometimes forget that our brains are capable of so much!

Age is nothing but a number and nuero-plasticity (the brain's ability to change and form new connections) is the scientific proof behind it.

Why not try to learn something new and better yourself. Not to impress anyone or to make a huge lump sum of money, but to sharpen your wits and break the mould of being stagnant. Or you could just do it to kick ass in our next quiz with your superior intellect!

Stretch Out Those Kinks In A Digital Yoga Class

Bil Go On A Yoga Retreat Bali

It’s likely you’re unable to visit a yoga studio at the moment. It’s also possible you don’t currently go to yoga through lack of time or genuine embarrassment at bending over in skin tight spandex in public.

But now you can take a calming yoga class with tranquil music that will help loosen up your body and unwind some of the strains in your mind also.