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3 Bespoke Gifts For The Traveller In Your Life

For those who are addicted to airmiles and foreign shores it’s as frustrating a time as any. Holidays have been scrapped, refunds have been marred by some unsavoury company practices, and knowing when we can go on our next adventure is tentative knowledge at best.

However there are lots you can still do both now and in the near future.

One of those things is to remind someone in your life of how much you care with a thoughtful gift. Usually a gift for a traveller would include a ticket to jet somewhere, but we’ve got some more unique ways to show the traveller in your life you love them.

1. Coffee from around the world…

The Atlas coffee club is a subscription service who send a fresh bag of coffee each month, from varying regions across the world. Roasted to order single-origin coffee that comes beautifully packaged with a coffee journal and info about the origin country and brew tips, how neat is that!


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Photo by nate_dumlao

Coffee From Around The World

2. Around The World Scratch Map

Listing off all of the fabulous places you’ve visited is cool, but it’s not as cool as using the world map like a giant lottery scratch card to remind yourself of your epic travel adventures! It’s also a lot easier for people who visit to see exactly where you’ve been, rather than making them sit through a 3 hour slide-show that includes photos with your fingers on the lens.

View it here

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Around The World Scratch Map

3. A Glass Globe Whisky Set

If you enjoy a tipple, and are in need of a centerpiece for your cabinet or sideboard, this is perfect. You can be reminded of your expeditions every time you pour yourself a single-malt and recant your favourite travelling tales of a glass of Scotland’s finest export.

Get Your Whisky Globe Here

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Glass Globe