2021's Most Searched Holiday Destinations According To Google - BookitList

With 2020 over into it's 3rd quarter, and much of the year so far saw a heavily restricted opportunity to travel. With potential holidaymakers looking further ahead to plan their travels we look at the most searched destinations as ranked by Google.

Kuoni, a luxury travel brand compiled a study using Google data to isolate the most popular tourist destinations for 2021. Thanks to the ever growing popularity of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates was the most popular in the world.

Canada came in a close second tied with the US and Qatar (thanks largely to the upcoming buzz from the FIFA World Cup). Egypt rounded out the top 5.

Emerald Spa Maldives

If we parse out the data via region, Europeans made Maldives top of their wish list

Kuoni staff member Dean Harven spoke to Lonely Planet and said,

“With various stages of lockdown still the case for many places around the world, it’s not surprising that lots of us are wanting to book something to look forward to. It’s fascinating to see how popular destinations differ from country to country and the upturn in Google searches matches the upturn in 2021 bookings we’ve seen in recent weeks, with Maldives holidays being booked the most.”

Those in North America had Japan high on their list