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Rio Carnival

Join the biggest party in the world.

Mar 2 - Mar 2 | 2019


Rio De Janeiro




12:00 am

Start Time

11:59 pm

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Join the greatest party on Earth.

held every year in Rio De Janeiro before lent, this is the biggest carnival in the world.

History of this incredible spectacle is huge. It dates back to the 18th century, held in honour of the gods. Each year Rio de Janeiro welcomes around one million tourists from around around the world to experience the extravaganza.

The Samba school parade is a main part of the festival, with jaw dropping dance routines, floats & music getting samba vibe flowing, and tickets to the Sambadrome are a must.

There isn't a carnival quite like Rio Carnival.

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This is one amazing way to experience Rio Carnival, The World's greatest Party. This package by Tucan Travel means you stay right by the famous Copacabana Beach. Over 6 days you will visit Brazil's largest favela, Rocinha. Then you can see the world's most famous parade in the Sambadrome with an included ticket to the sought after Sector 11. if you want an action packed 6 days in Rio, this is for you!

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The tour is provided by Tucan Travel. These are the world’s leading Latin American adventure travel specialist with the widest range of travel styles available.

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This 6 day event enables you to catch Rio from the beach as well as the big Carnival event. The tour company will give you a leader, which when it's so busy around town, will be able to help you from little things like where to buy costumes, to helping you make sure you're safe. The tour also gives you some free time to get around and explore yourself, or with people you meet there.

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There's more packages such as the Hostel experience for those on a tighter budget, and the city excursions that put you more into the heart of the city centre rather than the beach.

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