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Visit The White House - Join Bookitlist on an epic adventure!

The world's most famous workplace is a historical and geo-political linchpin of Western democracy.

The World's Most Famous Working Office

Perhaps the world’s most famous government building, the White House has served as the official residence and workplace of the sitting US president for two centuries, and remains one of the most iconic landmarks in all of America.

Beautiful and fascinating, and steeped in US political history, the White House is situated in the heart of Washington DC. and is a must see for anyone visiting the nation’s capital.

Where To Stay To Visit The White House

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Washington DC: Small-Group 3-Hour Night Tour

There is no better time to see Washington DC. then during nightfall, when its landmarks and monuments are illuminated dramatically against the darkened sky. Explore the city with an expert local guide on this night tour, and learn about the city’s long and storied history whilst enjoying views of iconic landmarks like the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and of course, the White House.

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Although Washington DC. is a great year-round destination, Spring and Autumn are the best periods to visit.

A number of airlines including, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, operate regular direct flights from London to DC.

Although British citizens do not need a visa to visit the US, they must apply online for an ESTA (electronic authorization) prior to entering the country.


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