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An unspoiled natural wilderness, the continent of Antarctica is one of the most uniquely beautiful places on earth.

Home to a wealth of dramatic wintry landscapes, from soaring mountains and active volcanoes to giant glaciers and cobalt-hued fjords.

Though due to its remote location and hostile climate, it is hardly a major tourist destination, those who journey to its icey shores will find a surprisingly diverse array of wildlife - including numerous species of whale, penguin, and seal - along with a fascinating array of sights to explore and unique activities to try!

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12 Night Antarctic Explorer Cruise

From vast colonies of penguins and majestic whales to soaring icebergs and sculpture-like glaciers: follow in the footsteps of history’s greatest explorers and discover the endless natural beauty and unique and fascinating wildlife, of the world’s most remote continent!

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Antarctica is only reachable by ship, either from Ushuaia at Argentina’s southernmost tip, or via King George Island which is a 2-hour flight from Punta Arenas in Chile.

May through to September is the best time to visit, as the pack ice has melted sufficiently to allow ships to pass through.


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