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See The Terracota Army Of Xi'an

Terracota Army Of Xi'an

One of China’s most iconic attractions, The Terracotta Army is a vast collection of clay sculptures (constructed over 2000 years ago) that depict the armies of Qin Shi Huang, China’s first Emperor.

Discovered in 1974 by a group of unwitting local farmers whilst they were digging a well, the army is estimated to contain some 8,000 soldiers and 130 chariots with 520 horses, and is housed in an extensive necropolis dedicated to Qin Shi Huang (it is also home to his mausoleum) located on the outskirts of Xi’an, the capital and largest city of the Shaanxi Province, and one of most historically and culturally-rich destinations on the planet!

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From the palaces, museums, and political landmarks of Beijing and the dramatic futuristic architecture of Shanghai to the rich culture and ancient wonders of Xi'an and the awe-inspiring Great Wall, discover the essence of the most populated and perhaps most fascinating country on the planet, on this fast-paced, 8-day tour!

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Although the city is a great year-round destination, Spring and Autumn, are the best times to visit, as the weather is generally warm and clear.

There are no direct flights from the UK to Xi'an but China Southern Airlines offers regular one-stop options from London Heathrow.

Xi'an served as the capital of 13 Chinese dynasties and is home to a wealth of historic landmarks including, the Fortifications of Xi'an (one of the best-preserved city walls in the country), the 7th century Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and the 14th century Xi'an Drum Tower.


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