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Richard Bransons personal oasis is a small slice of the unspoiled British Virgin Islands in the carribean.

A paradisiacal, private island in the heart of the Caribbean.

Situated in the British Virgin Islands, in the heart of the Caribbean, Necker is a 70-acre private island owned by renowned business magnate and founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson.

Breathtakingly beautiful the island is home to numerous, unspoilt, white-sand beaches, fringed by coconut palms and the azure waters of the Caribbean and is one of the few that can be hired exclusively, so you and your friends can experience true paradise on earth.

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Experience the beauty and unique tranquility of Necker.

When you hire the island exclusively for you and your friends. Featuring a number of beautiful rooms and suites, several stunning pools, hot tubs, and a wide range of amenities including, tennis courts, a spa, gym and a choice of world-class bars and restaurants serving a range of delicious food and drinks, all of which come free of charge (including alcohol) when you hire the island exclusively.

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Want Something A Little More Bespoke?

If you're not one for following the beaten path then we understand. No itinerary nor GPS tracking system can show you the best route to adventure. If you'd like to create your own custom holiday our travel experts will help create one free of charge from Necker Island to Nepal, we can curate the perfect package anywhere in the world.

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The island is reachable in a number of ways, including helicopter, yacht, private jet, or via commercial flight to nearby Tortola (Beef Island – airport code EIS) and then via boat transfer which takes around 35 minutes and can be organised when you make your reservation at Necker.

February to May is the driest period and therefore the best time to visit.

The official currency is US dollars, but most major credit cards are also accepted.


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