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Guatemala is a unique and captivating place, rich in ancient cultures and traditions, and home to some of the best-preserved Mayan ruins in Latin America

A few words about Nicaragua

Rich in culture and history, it remains largely untouched by mass-tourism, making it one of the world’s best up and coming destinations. While tourism here is much lower than places such as Mexico, we expect this to keep rising up the lists of "places to go in Central America".

Where To Go In Guatemala

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Signature Nicaragua: Fire, Water and Revolution.

Wander the cobbled streets of the majestic colonial cities of Granada and Leon; immerse yourself in nature in a stunning biosphere reserve; explore Lake Nicaragua’s tiny, volcanic ‘isletas’, and much more.

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Things To Do in Nicaragua


There are no direct flights to Nicaragua from Europe, instead you will have to change in either the USA, Mexico or Panama. The most popular routes from the UK are via Houston or Atlanta with Delta Airlines.

Nicaragua has a tropical climate, and the weather is warm and stable year round, though November to May are the driest months and therefore the best time to visit.

We recommend a minimum of ten days, which will give you enough time to explore one of the historic cities like Leon or Granada and the surrounding areas, along with some time to relax on either the Pacific or Caribbean Coast.

British Nationals are able to visit Nicaragua for 3 months without requiring a visa. You may be refused entry if you don’t have an onward ticket out of Nicaragua, and there are cash entry and exit fees to be paid at the airport.


Nicaragua Essentials


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