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Feed the Pigs in Bahamas

Probably the world's cutest beach, a white sand clear watered Caribbean paradise with swimming piglets!

'Uninhabited' Has Never Seemed So Full Of Life

Located on Major City, Pig Beach is exactly what it's title suggests. A colony of feral pigs inhabit the island and swim around it's azure-clear waters accepting generous fruity gifts from the holiday makers lucky enough to take a dip with them.

Most people are unaware that this isn't the only beach with swimming pigs in the Bahamas! There doesn't seem to be a substantiated story as to how the pigs came to frequent the island, but one things for sure, whoever was responsible is a legend.

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Meet the famous ‘swimming pigs’

Fly in style over azure waters towards your destination. Situated on one of the Exumas’ uninhabited islands, the beach takes its name from the colony of pigs that call the island home. In recent years the pigs have become world famous due to their friendly demeanor, and love of swimming, and visiting the beach to interact, with these fascinating animals is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist activities in the Bahamas.

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The azure waters make for the ultimate beach break and with fine Caribbean rum and sunsets, nowhere could be better for a slice of rest and relaxation... but sometimes it's the little details that make it worth it. Our travel experts will curate your next trip to your exact specifications so you can concentrate on lapping up the sun sea and fun.

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They're pigs, they'll eat just about anything. They can be found snacking on the fruits and natural vegetation of the island, but they're more than willing to eat anything you'll offer right out of your hand.

We actually don't know since the island is uninhabited and no formal story has stuck as to how they go there.

The full excursion usually takes 4-5 hours with other islands being added to the trip their and back to keep things fun and interesting.


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