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Dinner In The Dark

You are more receptive to differences in texture, consistency and temperature when dining in the dark.

Photo by Dans le Noir?

Open Your Eyes To Pure Taste

Regularly ranked among the 10 most original restaurants in the world, Dining in the dark is a fascinating culinary experience that literally dims the sensory noise in one area to heighten it in another.

Any dine in the dark experience with your other half will be a blind date experience. Guests are requested to give up their phones and other gadgets that may produce light and enter a pure black room that essentially blinds them. This means the focus of every meal is reduced to it's 2 core elements, the conversation and the taste.

Where To Dine In The Dark

Dine In Dark, Vietnam
Dine In The Dark Vietnam poses it's guests some simple but challenging questions. Can you tell the different between an apple and pear in the dark?
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Dans Le Noir, Paris
Serving gourmet, traditional Parisian food on a completely black canvas, allowing the food to colour your experience more than the decorations or Instagram appeal.
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Blindekuh, Zurich
This restaurant has 2 branches, 1 in Zurich and 1 in Basel and has been committed to giving a glimpse of the world through impaired vision for 21 years.
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Our Pick

Dans Le Noir, London

In the stomach of London's Clerkenwell district, Dans Le Noir helped put this extraordinary style of dining on the map. Creative and seasonal cuisine that creates a complex blend of textures and flavour are what sets Dans Le Noir apart. Without the distraction of pretty plates and ornate fittings, the food takes it's rightful place at center stage. Reconnect with your other sensory.

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Yes. Some of the dine in the dark experiences offer a menu beforehand to chose from, but most have a set menu and you can chose for example from meat, fish or vegetarian sets.

No. It's not permitted as bringing your phone out would not only break immersion for you, but for your fellow diners. Don't worry your social media feed will be ok without you for a couple of hours.

That depends on the restaurant you chose and the kind of menu you prefer. All of the above suggestions are reasonably priced and no more expensive than less novel restaurants of the same standard.


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