BookitList - You could get paid £12,500 to move to Sardinia!

You could get paid £12,500 to move to Sardinia!

Have you ever dreamt of moving to a sun-soaked Mediterranean island, well now's your chance! The government of Sardinia is offering grants to those who are willing to relocate there!

The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is situated some 200 miles west of the Italian mainland, and is famed for its natural beauty, with its crystal clear, turquoise waters, and unspoilt beaches. However, like many rural parts of Italy, its population is dwindling, as young people move to the cities of the mainland (and further afield) in search of work.

To combat this, the local government have set aside €45 million for relocation grants, enough to cover 3,000 grants of €15,000 (around £12,500).

You could get paid £12,500 to move to Sardinia!
Photo by Massimo Virgilio

Of course, the grants don't come without conditions. To be eligible, people must be willing to relocate to one of the island's municipalities that is home to less than 3,000 people, and the money can only be used to buy or renovate a home (the cost of which cannot exceed half of the grant). What's more, if you're thinking that the grant could be a great way to pay towards a holiday home on the island, think again. Recipients must live on their new property full time, and register for permanent residency on the island within 18 months of arriving.

If that all sounds good, then why not apply? Sardinia is not only one of the most beautiful islands on the planet, but the combination of sun, laid back ambience, and great food, seems to work wonders for the health of the locals: the island has one of the highest concentrations of people over 100 in the world!


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