BookitList - What is the IATA Covid Travel Pass and will I need it?

What is the IATA Covid Travel Pass and will I need it?

International travel could be pushed sooner due to the IATA covid pass, but is this just one of many hurdles that need to be jumped in order to resume travel?

It is possible that international travel may be able to restart from Monday 17th May with a government report on 12 April setting out further details. The IATA Travel pass is expected to play a key part in such plans.

What is an IATA Travel pass?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) will enable passengers to store their verified Covid-19 test and vaccination certifications in a mobile app. This has been seen as a way to speed up the ability to travel safely from country to country.

By sharing your certifications on the app. you will enable governments and airlines to hold information which they could deem necessary for you to provide in order to travel.

The app will be available on iOA and Android platforms and is also expected to be free. Trials are already underway with airlines such as Etihad and Singapore Airlines with the airline industry stating it could be ready to roll out in a matter of weeks.

Will the Travel Pass be mandatory?

Each country is able to make their own rules on entry and these are available on the government website. It is advised to always check this before flying. It is not possible to confirm what rules will be place on each traveller for each destination, but this app is expected to reduce or even remove the quarantine requirement.

It is expected that once rolled out, airlines and countries will make the app a requirement in order to travel.

Currently people arriving to the UK, or in other countries are usually required to quarantine. This makes travelling internationally unsustainable for holidays and while quarantine is required we are unlikely to see borders open. This travel pass can speed up the recovery, with many hoping to enjoy quarantine free summer holidays in 2021.

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Should I book a holiday in the UK instead?

Staycations bookings have surged due to self catering holidays potentially being possible from Monday 12th April. This means camp sites and campervan holidays are set to have one of their busiest ever years. UK hotels and B&B's are then potentially set to open from May 17th, giving a light at the end of the tunnel for people desperately wanting a holiday.

Details and dates could still change so it is advised that you check refund conditions when making your bookings.