BookitList - Venetian Gondoliers Deliver Groceries To The Elderly

Charming Gesture in Venice As Gondoliers Deliver Goods To The Elderly

Venice is one of the most recognisable cities in the world...

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...thanks almost solely to its meandering canals and hand-crafted wooden gondolas that glide across them.

A group of women are fighting to preserve that tradition whilst helping those in need. ‘Row Venice’ are an all female group who have taken to delivering groceries to the elderly and others who are unable to shop for themselves.

The group are not slaves to tradition and now people can order groceries via Instagram, and have them delivered directly to their door. The group are transporting fruit and vegetables directly into the city center, after picking them up from a farmhouse positioned nearby the city.

The beautiful Venice canals

Venice is nestled in the North of Italy, Venice is positioned in one of the worst hit areas in all of Europe by the coronavirus pandemic. The local government however are now hoping to ease restrictions in Venice in regards to quarantine.

Italy has been on stringent quarantine protocol since March 9th.

Hygiene masks are mandatory in many parts of Italy and to leave their home citizens must carry “self-certification” forms to justify their reasons for leaving the confines of their home. The max fine is €3,000 for breaking quarantine and in some parts of Italy it can escalate and even lead to prison sentences.

Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, is in the process of announcing the plans to lift the lockdown rules slowly over time. It’s expected this will likely begin on May 4th almost 2 months since it began.

Italy has almost breached 200,000 cases and over 26,000 deaths.

Harrowing statistics, and ones which will hopefully not climb much further.