BookitList - Uk's Answer To Disneyland Set To Cost £3.5 Billion In Shocking Plans

Uk's Answer To Disneyland Set To Cost £3.5 Billion In Shocking Plans

Set near London, the resort is set to open in 2024.

Based on the intellectual properties of Paramount Pictures and the BBC, the new theme park proposed will cost around £3.4 billion and be erected in Kent by 2024.

The theme park could draw inspiration for rides and attractions from many classics such as The Godfather and Titanic.

The plans are set to go into full swing despite the current pandemic and whilst it could hinder the completion date a little, it doesn’t appear that the corona virus pandemic is going to derail plans all together.

Planning permits have already been requested. The local business owners and residents of the area will be included in discussions about the park and it’s hoped that the theme park can be built with relatively little disturbance to the occupants of the surrounding area.

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Photo by Christian Wagner

Disney Land, Paris, France

The plan is to split the 500+ acre land into multiple themes with; the Studios, the Kingdom, the Woods, the Isles, the Starport and the Jungle.

With BBC, ITV Studios and Paramount Pictures inspired attractions there should be a wealth of fun to be had. The exact site of the theme park is Swanscombe in Northern Kent.

Not only would this be a massive investment and enterprise for the area, but a second adjacent park is set to open alongside it in 2029.

It looks like we’ve all just found a new bookitlist item, right on our doorstep!

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