BookitList - Tick Off Your Virtual BookitList By Virtually Visiting Wonders Of The World

Tick Off Your Virtual BookitList By Virtually Visiting Wonders Of The World

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It’s not easy when your BookitList is put on hold during the lockdown. I know you are desperate to go and walk through nature, fly to an exotic island or peruse UNESCO world heritage temples in flip flops taking pictures that will last a lifetime.

Now we can (and will) help you tick off your BookitList, but whilst we’re in lockdown why not check out some of the worlds most gorgeous vantage points from the comfort of your own sofa.

Walk The Giant's Causeway 

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Ever heard of a little show called Game Of Thrones? Well a lot of the mesmerizing landscape and misty green fauna was shot here. The rocky outcrops and mother nature carved cobble stones are an ethereal natural wonder any nature lover can appreciate.

Visit the Taaj Mahal 

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taj mahal

The world’s most iconic musaliam is an architectural marvel that overlooks the West Bank of the Yamuna river.

The stories behind the crafting of it, along with the immensely precise symmetry help create a timeless jewel, that represents man's ability to forge his own beauty in this world, despite the suffering we may face.

Peer Into Petra

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If you’re missing your adventurous side, why not visit a world wonder and a backdrop to Indian Jones most thrilling excursions in Petra?

It’s hard to find a man made structure that is so harmonious with the natural environment it was erected in. The continuity of hand crafted pillars, meticulously carved into crimson hued sandstone

flowing naturally into jagged rock faces is a synergy that deserves your attention.

The Great Wall Of China

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2,000 years of history and 3,000 miles of craftsmanship, laced across the Northern provinces of China,
make the Great Wall’s cultural significance as large as it’s stature.

Beijing is considered the ideal starting point for visitors and there are some very cool hiking and camping
trips that can provide you a more extensive exploration of the ancient wonder.