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The Welsh 3000s Challenge: What you need to know

Fifteen mountains; twenty-four hours; one epic challenge! The Welsh 3000s is a hiking adventure of mammoth proportions. A one-long trek encompassing all of Wales' 3000ft+ peaks taking in breathtaking panoramic vistas along the way! If you're considering taking on this epic challenge, here's what you need to know.

The Welsh 3000s Peaks

All fifteen peaks are situated in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, and are spread across three different mountain ranges: the Snowdon Massif, the Glyderau, and the Carneddau.

The Snowdon Massif

  • Snowdon, 3559ft
  • Garnedd Ugain, 3494ft
  • Crib Goch, 3028ft

The Glyderau

  • Glyder Fach, 3261ft
  • Glyder Fawr, 3284ft
  • Y Garn, 3106ft
  • Elidir Fawr, 3031ft
  • Tryfan, 3011ft

The Carneddau

  • Carnedd Llewelyn, 3490ft
  • Carnedd Dafydd, 3425ft
  • Pen yr Ole Wen, 3208ft
  • Foel Grach, 3202ft
  • Yr Elen, 3156ft
  • Foel-Fras, 3090ft
  • Garnedd Uchaf, 3038ft

The Welsh 3000s Route

The challenge officially kicks off at the first summit of Snowdon, then it's a southward journey across the peaks of the Snowdon Massif, followed by conquering the five peaks of the Glyderau, and finally wrapping up with Foel-fras in the Carneddau.

The Welsh 3000s Map

The Welsh 3000s Large

The Welsh 3000s Distance

The route covers approximately 42 km and entails a total ascent of nearly 3000 meters, making it quite the feat for a single day's work!

The Welsh 3000s Record

The record for completing the Welsh 3000s challenge stands at a staggering 4 hours and 10 minutes! This incredible feat was achieved in 2019 by Scotsman Finlay Wild, a British fell running champion.

The Welsh 3000s Average Time

While some people opt for a more leisurely pace over 2 or 3 days, the real thrill lies in the iconic 24-hour challenge. Most finish within 18 to 22 hours, leaving just enough time for a well-deserved pint at the end!

The Welsh 3000s Training

If you have the time, it's crucial to get "hill fit" by gradually increasing the miles walked each week, incorporating as many hills as possible into your routine. Even better is to get fit through running, ensuring to include plenty of hill time in your training regimen. For those who join our tour, we offer an optional 8-week plan to help prepare. While it's not mandatory, for anyone lacking experience in hill walking, it's highly recommended to ensure a successful and enjoyable challenge.

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