BookitList - The Highlands Could See New Peaks In Tourism

The Highlands Could See New Peaks In Tourism

The Scottish Highlands are often cited as the most beautiful place on Earth from highly regarded travel magazines and websites. The livelihood of people in the region often leans on the tourism sector to be financially secure.

6 million visitors head to The Highlands annually and their total worth is estimated to be around £1.2bn which supports over 20,000 local jobs.

The restrictions of lockdown were eased in the Highlands last week and it triggered an almost immediate sharp increase in visitors.

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Bookings are still running around one quarter the volume they would normally expect for this time of year, but there are some encouraging signs. According to some hotel owners from the region, the lack of US tourists especially is hurting the booking rate and total income.

Something which doesn’t look set to change until 2021.

However there could be a silver lining as Brits look to holiday closer to home to avoid the added stress and lack of assurance about travelling abroad.

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