BookitList - The Getaways Where You’re Genuinely Welcome (FINALLY!)

The Getaways Where You’re Genuinely Welcome (FINALLY!)

Most of the country will remain understandably hesitant to let visitors come in. However there are some places that are more welcoming than others. Here are our 3 must visit places in the coming week.


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Welcome to Yorkshire has given out a warm and receptive message to all of those who would like to visit the gorgeous Northern county. James Mason has urged visitors to come providing they are responsible and maintain a little caution to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

If you wish to go to Yorkshire it’s recommended to go via car and to not try and cram in lots of touristy attractions that usually lure crowds of people. Long walks in the rolling hills, and a lovely cafe breakfast with the family are what Yorkshire is all about anyway!


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May Day sunset over Dartmoor in the background of Haldon Belvedere

Dartmoor National Park’s chief executive, Dr Kevin Bishop offered an open invitation and reminded everyone they’re doing as much as possible to keep your safety in mind.

"As an Authority, we are working hard to prepare for the easing of lockdown restrictions and doing it in the safest way possible for everyone - you, our staff and our communities - remains our top priority."


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A frosty misty dawn in the Cotswold hills.

Whilst many regions are concerned (and with good reason), the Cotswolds has been more positive than most places in the UK. Andy Parsons (chief executive of the Cotswold Conservation Board said: "Our key message is that everybody is welcome to enjoy the Cotswolds, but we ask them to consider others, especially landowners and farmers."

It might not be as bustling, with the same charming humming of human activity but nature is what makes the Cotswolds so magical. We hope you and your loved ones are able to get away soon and enjoy a safe and pleasant travel!