BookitList - The Destinations With Extraordinarily LOW Volume Of Covid-19 Cases

The Destinations With Extraordinarily LOW Volume Of Covid-19 Cases

Whilst the death toll in the UK goes past 40,000, some countries are still showing a remarkably low amount of cases.

The UK is 2nd in total deaths worldwide, with only the US reporting more fatalities. But Brits are resilient and determined to get back on track with their lives. However if you’re someone who prioritises caution over everything, here is a list of countries with an extremely low number of cases.

Barbados - Less Than 100

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Photo by David Cain

Hastings Beach, Barbados

Islands will always have a distinct advantage over landlocked countries in preventing the spread of a virus, since it’s not easily passed over borders. Also the small overall population and population density makes for an environment with a certain amount of social distancing built into its culture.

No flights are confirmed to Barbados yet but once it does open up it will be one of the safest places in the world.

Bahamas - less than 150 cases

Much like Barbados the number of cases has remained exceptionally low.

Flights are not yet confirmed to resume but it’s thought that British Airways who offer direct flights from the UK would be looking to reinstate flights there as soon as possible.

Isle of Man - less than 350 cases

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Photo by James Qualtrough

Peel, Isle of Man

There’s not only a low number of overall cases, there’s been no reported active cases as of late. The isle introduced very strong measures and detained people for leaving their home more than 1x in any given week. The island has still banned visitors but when it does reopen it should be one of the safest places on Earth.

Channel Islands - less than 600 cases

It does not seem likely visitors will be allowed to enter until September at the earliest. Jersey and Guernsey have reported less than 600 cases between them and Guernsey have even reported being “coronavirus-free”. Restaurants and businesses are now operating as usual.

Malta - less than 650 cases

Valletta, Malta

A popular European island that managed to contain the virus by enforcing a 2 week quarantine less than a week after the first case.

Flights will resume from July 1st which is great news. However the UK has not yet been permitted to return to Malta since only 18 countries have been cleared to return.