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The 7 Must Visit Destinations In the Caribbean

The Caribbean doesn’t just deliver palm fringed sand and tropical warm oceans as clear as bath water, it defines them. A honeymoon mecca, an array of cuisines as tropical as the equatorial sun and a friendly set of smiles as warm as one could wish for. The Caribbean IS paradise on Earth.

Here’s our 7 must visit destinations for the Caribbean islands. Which one captures your imagination?


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A soulful island full of Caribbean charm and laid back attitudes, make Jamaica even more peaceful than it's pristine white sand suggests. The relaxing rhythm of the tide seems to ebb and flow in sync with the steel drum reggae the island is famous for.

The Bahamas

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Situated just East off the coast of the colourful Havana, One of the best family destinations in the Caribbean, the Bahamas is so gorgeous it was the the muse and inspiration for Earnist Hemingway which in his words was his “favourite place on Earth.


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Mother nature has perhaps never sculpted a more idyllic 21 mile slice on paradise anywhere else on Earth. The sailing here is some of the world’s most decadent but can also cater to those who are deeply familiar with managing the Bow of the ship.

Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic is perhaps the most diverse of all of the Caribbean islands. From the famous 27 waterfalls of Damajagua (which you can slide down in a surreal cascade one after another), to the rolling hills hiding narrow canyons and roaring waterfalls.


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A honeymooners dream, Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean Island nestled a few miles North of Venezuela. Thanks to being below the hurricane belt it’s dry year round so you can avoid the rain, and soak up enough Sun, Sea and Sand for the whole year! Maybe the most romantic place on Earth?!

St Lucia

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The jagged volcanic twin peaks of Piton are the most distinct landmark on the island but not the only gem you'll find f you care to look. If you find documentaries like Blue Planet II from the BBC, then you'll find the diving spellbinding.

Turks and Caicos

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If it's a favourite hotspot for Jay-Z and Beyonce, it must be lush! The best way to get around is by boat and you can expect to see cheeky dolphins and eagle rays that leap from the water and perhaps even a humpback whale if you're fortunate.