BookitList - Save Money With Contactless Cards Around The World

Save Money With Contactless Cards Around The World

The world has been leaning towards a contactless payment method for some years now but with the added imperative of keeping safe from Covid19, it’s now become apparent just how seriously we need to take the switching to a contactless payment method.

The problem for travellers is most people’s banks have some sort of international option, but with fees for every transaction you make, these can often become costly.

Money exchanges are also a quick and easy way to lose money, and given you often end up doing it twice (one for the leg home), you’re losing out twice. Add to that the fact you can lose money and end up in a real quagmire!

So How Can I Go Contactless & Save Money Abroad?

Well, that’s what we’re here to answer for you. It is quicker to sign up with a travel card that is contactless than it is your high-street bank, and it can all be done online.There's also a ton of additional perks.

How about, earning free flights, hotel stays and getting 0% charges of international transactions?!

Some advantages of overseas spending cards include:

  • No foreign transaction fees: The amount of times I’ve wanted to just use my card due to the size of the purchase or leaving some cash behind in a hotel room is staggering. With 0 transaction fees, travel cards eliminate that headache.
  • Improved exchange rates: Travel credit card exchange rates are usually much more generous than banks or currency exchange booths.
  • Earn back for spending: Most travel card companies offer cashback rewards or other bonuses like vouchers for hotels and flights.
  • Contactless payments: By using a travel card you not only save money, you do so safely.

Our Pick For The Best Travel Card!

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  • Send money abroad 8x cheaper than your run of the mill high-street bank.
  • Transaction costs are 100% transparent unlike other providers who later add mark ups to their fees.
  • Make international payments within 24 hours to major routes as opposed to the 3-7 days quoted by most banks. 1 in 4 transfers from the UK to Europe are done within a few seconds.
  • Arrange all transfers online from either your browser or mobile app.
  • Trusted by over 3 million users, TransferWise is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, just like other high-street UK Banks.