BookitList - Safari Lovers Dream - Baby Elephants Boom In Kenya!

Safari Lovers Dream - Baby Elephants Boom In Kenya!

In the midst of the travel difficulties bought about by the coronavirus, there's vbeen an ever growing string of silver lined stories regarding the return of wildlife. For safari lovers, this one will be particularly wholesome.

According to reports from Kenya's Amboseli National Park, there's an elephant baby boom in full blossom. This is fantastic news for a country that has been striving against poachers for some time, and it's natural eco-system is become less endangered as the weeks pass by.

This means even more amazing wildlife opportunities for Safari lovers. Safari tourism actively encourages and financially supports economies like Kenya, and provides them with the resources necessary to protect their natural wildlife.

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In the last 20 years Kenya's elephant population has flourished to more than double it's previous figures. The non-profit - "The Amboseli Trust For Elephants" has been fighting for the conservation of elephants for over a decade and just stated that over 170 calves have been birthed in the park this year.

There was even a set of twins!

Record rains have put an end to droughts making it easier for animals to survive, this combined with the preservation of the animals by trusts like this has helped numbers of Elephant, as well as other rare species like Tigers and Rhino's flourish.

The Kenyan government's effort to crack down on hunters and poachers also needs to be commended, and hopefully with mindful Safari tourism, and eco-friendly projects like this we can help restore the natural eco-system to it's full glory.

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